Trends in Newsrooms: Rebooting Newsroom Strategy as Mobile, Wearables Rise

File this under “irony”.  My local PBS station has this great article on how:

“In May, a significant threshold was crossed: In the U.S., 60 percent of global online activity now happens via mobile devices – up 10 percent from the previous year.”

They went on to point out that:

The Financial Times told the World Editors Forum earlier this year that it already had 62 percent of readers accessing news from phones or tablets and only 38 percent using desktop.

Check out this great pull quote:

“Desktop is the new print. It’s static, one-dimensional and it’s slowly becoming more and more marginal to our business,” FT’s head of operations, Lisa McLeod told a WEF board meeting in February. She identified the shift as sudden and dramatic. At the beginning of 2010, ‘It was zero access by mobile. It’s an absolutely phenomenal change.’”

So why is that ironic? I couldn’t read it till I got home because their blog isn’t mobile-friendly.


There’s lots more than mobile-friendly to make a great website with a great ROI, but that’s where you better start.

For the full article, click here.

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