Something for Nothing: Why Doing Nothing Can be a Potent Persuasion Tool

Fascinating study about the power of allowing your customers the option to “do nothing”.

“For nearly seventy years scientists who study the persuasion process have consistently revealed a simple, yet remarkable truth; when it comes to effectively influencing others, small changes can make a big difference.”

It’s counter-intuitive on one level because wouldn’t giving people option to “do nothing” reduce the number of people who choose to do something?

But it makes perfect sense if you consider the impact of feeling in control when you are doing a complicated task. In our high pressure, hyper-choice society we often feel overwhelmed and “pushed” to make a decision. Choosing freely with no pressure or obligation can actually increase our willingness to follow through because we feel like since we made the choice to act, it must have been a logical choice. As a result, we are more likely to persist when things get rough.

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