Rules or Results?

In the article “6 Facebook Marketing Tips for Managing Your Facebook Page,” Social Media Examiner says “There are two basic types of Facebook page admins: Those who post based on hunches as to what motivates engagement, and those who look at Facebook’s Insights to see what actually drives engagement.”

As with any serious marketing effort, taking the time to check results is critical to success. Knowing what works is especially challenging when it comes to Social Media because the rules on who sees what and why seem to change often. The good news is that Facebook provides some excellent tools to measure results and learn.

And knowing their rules is far less important than knowing your results. Here are the six tips Social Media Examiner suggests:

1. Check your wall-posting preferences.

2. Use Insights to determine what is working for your page.

3. Assign Admin roles.

4. Choose your featured likes.

5. Bookmark Facebook’s Page Guidelines and reacquaint yourself with what’s changed recently.

6. Use Facebook as a Page instead of as yourself.

To check out all the details of these tips, click here!

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