Since 1979 Phasor Corporation, a full-service Electrical Power Engineering Company, has been providing professional engineering services to clients throughout the United States. Their strategic location in Northeastern Pennsylvania positions them within 300 miles of every major city in New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

Although Phasor Corporation has continued to experience market growth, they knew their outdated website did not reflect it.  With a website designed in 2004, they knew what people saw online was not representative of their Brand, their expertise or their success.

Referred to Live Mercury by a mutual client, Phasor reached out to us for our expertise. We took Phasor through our extensive Website Assessment and Marketing & Branding Development consultations. We determined they had no Social Media Presence or Directory Management, making it difficult for people to find them online. They also needed our Creative Design Team to update their website so it would reflect their Brand, their success and their future goals. We also created both an Online Marketing and Content Strategy to position their website at the top of Internet Searches in their field.

In the words of their President a few months after the launch of their new site, Phasor knew they made the right decision,

“When I needed marketing help, Live Mercury came to my rescue.  They created a brand new website for us, and even though our business was foreign to them, they knew exactly how to present our products and services.  Even though they were extremely busy with other clients, they gave us all of the attention that we needed and responded to all of our questions and concerns immediately.  I am looking forward to a long relationship with Live Mercury, they are an extremely talented and creative group!”
James E. Regan Jr.  President, Phasor Corporation

Phasor Corp’s motto is, “We provide the power you need to succeed.” They came to Live Mercury to put the power they needed into their online presence so they could bring power to even more customers across the nation.

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