Measurement Matters: How Advertisers Could Be Missing an Opportunity to Drive Big Dollars

Businesses want to know what ROI their Digital Marketing will achieve. To them it’s all about moving an audience to make a purchase decision because that is what pays the bills. It takes planning based on the budget and requires measuring and adapting the message and medium to the feedback of the audience. It takes repetition and time.

In the digital age the steps are essentiality the same but the distance between the steps is shorter.

Look at the findings of this recent study at Acxiom:

“…online ads, when optimized for frequency and volume as detailed below, do indeed drive incremental in-store revenue – and lots of it. Findings indicated that the frequency of exposure should fall somewhere between the range of 10 and 100 impressions and the optimal length of a campaign should be between four to eight weeks in order for behavior to be influenced.

Ultimately, this need for multiple exposures over an extended period of time suggests that ads work incrementally to increase brand awareness. Rather than motivating an immediate response, they improve the odds that the person who saw them will, when the need or opportunity arises, choose the advertiser’s product.”

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How does your online marketing budget take this reality into account?

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