Change the way you think about your website.

Online Marketing Platforms

We often get asked, “What makes Live Mercury different from other digital agencies?”  The answer is simple…we change the way our clients think about their websites.

Beginning with the word “website”, we set out to find a new way to describe what we create for our clients. We chose “Web Platform” for the same reason anyone with something meaningful to say does it from a platform – it gives them access to the largest audience possible.

To give our clients the largest reach possible on the internet, we design and build each Platform with our extensive knowledge of branding, cutting-edge design techniques, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media integration.  These are the foundational tools to getting a website among the top search engine listings – creating traffic – and then converting that traffic into engaged visitors.

Our marketing and branding consultants work side-by-side with our development team to ensure every Platform is designed around a client’s business goals and is a consistent representation of their presence online.

We guide our clients to manage an Online Marketing Platform that is always focused on increased revenue…that is the Live Mercury difference.

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