Live Mercury Ending Client Services

There comes a time when change is necessary. Change is painful; it’s uncomfortable. But change is what we ask of our clients. They hire us to help transform their results, their brand, their tactics, and their team. To help them do this we need them to be the change they seek on their bottom line.

So when we discovered we had a strategy that wasn’t allowing us to meet our impact goals or our financial ones – we knew what we would tell one of our clients and we knew what we had to do.

Over the last 6 months, we have systematically and strategically changed everything about how we serve our clients. This is so that we more effectively provide the clarity, inspiration, and success our clients and our community so eagerly need.

Through much reflection, we felt our client services business (and its considerable overhead) was obfuscating the consulting and transformation that we promised to our clients. While we will still take on select software development or design jobs, we only do this as part of a long term retainer engagement. This is because transformation can’t come from one design job. Rather, transformation comes from defining what success looks like, setting the feedback loop of accountability, and consistent coaching to ensure focus. This takes months, assuming everyone is on their best behavior. Some teams take longer, you’re mileage may vary.

Rest assured, we still bake all of the awesome user experience and technological wizardry (for which we’ve become known) into every development project we complete. Our difference now is that we only do such projects when our client’s organization is ready to take advantage of the results. This takes collaboration, open communication, and commitment.

This letter is a commitment too, of sorts. It is a re-commitment to our core values of Professionalism, Leadership, Imaginative Innovation, and Freedom. It is a commitment to our clients and community that we are constantly looking for better ways to make their world – our world – a better place. And lastly it is a commitment to our vision of the future, to the idea that the tools for success be accessible to every dreamer who is open, honest, and willing to do the necessary work.

We hope you join us. Talk to us about joining our team. Ask us to join yours. Or join the conversation. Change is hard. Let’s do it together.

About Tony



Tony is Live Mercury's Chief Strategy Officer. With the heart of an engineer and the soul of a designer, he is passionate about seeing Live Mercury's clients succeed. Outside of work Tony is an automobile enthusiast, with a special love for high powered German wagons. He also considers himself a foodie and avid fan of everything that J.J. Abrams does, even Felicity and Alcatraz.