How to Know if Your Social Media Activities Are Working

Have you noticed the graphs and charts on your organizations “Facebook Insights” page? Have you ever thought it would be nice to know what it means for you?

Social Media Examiner points out that, “As marketers, we’re on a mission to track and measure our efforts and their success.” For Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter the data is available, but it important to know what parts of that data are useful.

Social Media Examiner suggests:

For Facebook: Review the Posts tab on Facebook Insights

For Pinterest: Optimize you Pinterest activity

For Twitter: Use Twitter Tools to expand reach

Click here for the full step by step article on using these reports to improve your marketing efforts is a great resource for beginners. Don’t stumble blindly. Learning isn’t as hard as you think and when you see your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter audience growing, you’ll be glad you did.

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