Geo-Targeting and Hyper-Local Marketing Keys to Mobile Ad Growth

While researching Hyper-Local Marketing, one of our team members shared this article with me from October of last year 2011 (forever ago in online marketing time).

The focus of the article was on geo-targeting mobile devices for advertisements. One statistic jumped off the screen at me that has application to upgrading your current website to be “mobile friendly”:

“By 2015, more people are expected to access the Internet through mobile devices than through the wired Internet.”

If this is true, and my experience and intuition confirm it, then 2014 is the year of the mobile friendly upgrade for every organization that wants to make the Internet a serious part of their business in 2015.

Can you really afford to deliver a bad experience to more than half of the people who come to your website in 2015?

About David Madeira

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