Facebook Quitters

There’s lots of information out there about Social Media, but how much of it is reliable?

Live Mercury has had lots of clients ask if Facebook is on the decline because young people are abandoning it just because they don’t like the idea that their parents and grandparents are on Facebook. It sounds plausible, but if it is true then what are the implications for your Facebook strategy?

Tom Webster, a researcher and data skeptic, writes that “brand new research that suggests not only that teens are not abandoning the service in droves, but that their frequency of usage might, in fact, be increasing.”

The numbers speak for themselves:

“If 58% of Americans 12+ have current profiles, and 4% used to but no longer have profiles, that’s a total of 62% of Americans who have ever had a profile. 4% divided by 62% equals a little over 6%–In other words, 6% of Americans 12+ have “quit” on Facebook. For teens, that number is 5% (quitters) divided by 84% (the percentage who have ever had a profile), or a hair under 6%.

In other words, the ratio of quitters to members is actually just slightly lower for teens than it is for the general population.”

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