5 Ways to Blog From Your Mobile Device

Our clients frequently ask us how often they should blog and the answer is usually “As often as you can, as long as you provide content that is of value to someone in your audience.”

From the Social Media Examiner:

“Every day you have to be communicating; that’s the important thing,” said rock star video blogger Gary Vaynerchuk, when asked what today’s businesses are lacking online. “Long-form blogging was the big thing in years back. Microblogging is now the big thing. It’s changed the dynamics a bit.”

The great news is that technological advances have made it easier than ever to post on a regular basis, especial if it’s a Microblog.

These are the five great ways to microblog from a mobile device as presented by the Social Media Examiner:

1. Mobile Blogging Apps

2. Mobile Blogging by Email

3. Photo Blogging with Flickr

4. Video Blogging via Mobile

5. Event Blogging

For the full article, click here.

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