3 Trends in Digital Marketing Creative

The hard truth in marketing is that people don’t care about your product or service.


That’s not a complaint or a moral judgement. It’s reality.

“Let’s face it: Consumers don’t have any idea they are part of a ‘campaign’ when they’re interacting with your brand’s digital marketing creative.

They fluidly move between devices, channels, and screens and expect that their experience should be seamless, engaging, and fun. At every moment, any one person is taking in several bits of information and having to assess where they should pay attention. As a marketer, it becomes challenging to break through, make and impact, resonate, andĀ inspire a customer to give you theirĀ attention.”

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Good marketing embraces this truth and figures out how to let your target market see how your product or service will make their lives better. Great marketing accomplished this objective in a really entertaining way that leaves them wanting more.


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